Our clinical research areas

Research takes place within most of our clinical specialties throughout our hospitals (Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), along with our world-leading applied health research.
The Coronary Care unit was established in 1994 together with our research unit to improve patient treatment and management of heart disease within Bradford.
The Dermatology Research Unit, founded in 2009 by Professor Andrew Wright and Jenny Ott, conducts various trials and collaborates with other institutions.
The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research Department, collectively known as Digestive Diseases, are based at the Clinical Research Facility at Bradford Royal Infirmary.
The Head & Neck team has a portfolio of clinical trials investigating novel treatment methods for head and neck cancers.
The Maternal & Child Health team collaborate nationally and internationally to address impactful questions and conduct research on gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and maternal and child obesity.
The research interests of the Neonatal Medicine & Paediatrics team include: Rheumatology, ENT, Neonates, Diabetes, General Medicine, Asthma and Childhood Diseases.
The Oncology and Haematology team run both national and international studies in Colorectal, Upper GI, Lung, Gynaecology, Prostate and Breast cancer which involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.
The Ophthalmology team are one of the most experienced clinical research teams engaged in eye and vision research in the UK.
The Orthoptics team provide high quality research into Amblyopia (poor vision) and related eye conditions.
The Renal research team are involved in a variety of research studies involving patients from three main areas- nephrology, transplantation and dialysis,
The Respiratory research team are leads in the UK for severe asthma and COPD research working with many Industry partners.
The Rheumatology research team carry out a mixture of portfolio non-commercial studies and commercial studies of new pharmaceuticals.
The Stroke research team at Bradford are dedicated to giving the best possible care to patients.