The Coronary Care unit was established in 1994 together with our research unit to improve patient treatment and management of heart disease within Bradford.

Heart disease is one of the most common serious illnesses suffered by men and women in the UK. The Coronary Care unit was established in 1994 together with our research unit to improve patient treatment and management of heart disease within Bradford.

Mission Statement:

To contribute to the progress and understanding of the cardiovascular system and the detection, prevention and treatment of disease, disability and malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

We are the Cardiovascular Research Team in Bradford and we specialise in a range of adult heart disease (not children), chest pain (angina), irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, chronic heart problems, and infections of heart valves

We are an acute secondary care cardiology service providing in-patient and out-patient care to a population of 390,000. We deliver general adult cardiology and manage patients with stable ischaemic heart disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, and acute in-patient care for the same range of conditions. Research into heart disease is an important part of the work performed on the Coronary care unit here at Bradford.

We continue to participate in trials and projects that give the patients of Bradford the chance to be at the forefront of Cardiology treatment and interventions.

Currently we are involved in a number of clinical trials both observational and interventional that will define or care and treatments in the years ahead.

The Cardiology team would like to offer a chance to participate in research to each and every patient who is cared for on the unit within Bradford’s diverse community. All of our patients and staff can play an important part in how we provide and deliver or future healthcare.

All six cardiologists have an active interest in research and have been involved in a variety of commercial and non-commercial portfolio studies as local Pl. We have been recruiting to commercial research studies for over 15 years now. We have expanded our infrastructure from one research nurse and now have a fulltime Research Co-ordinator (nurse) supported by three research nurses.

We plan over the next few years to attract more cardiology patients who are cared for at BTHFT into clinical research. We also would like to be involved with other research teams who might be involved in studies that would work alongside cardiology including the Emergency Department, Stroke and elderly care research.

Our Achievements so far

We were the first hospital outside of North America to recruit a patient into the MERLIN TIMI 36 (Ranolazine in ACS).

Dr Steven Lindsay and Dr Paul Sainsbury were co-authors on a new international study, published in the New England, medical Journal of Medicine, which provides evidence for an effective treatment for patients with refractory angina who previously would have not been suitable for conventional treatments.

Meet the team

Consultant Cardiologist\Deputy Operations Medical Director

Steven Lindsay

Senior Research Charge Nurse

Craig Atkinson

Research Sister

Manitha Vinod

Research Sister

Nasim Akhtar

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