What we do

The Bradford Institute for Health Research is a leading centre for applied and clinical research, locally, nationally and internationally.

Health research paves the way for advancements in healthcare and well-being. It drives the development of new treatments and care methods that improve lives. Without ongoing research efforts, the NHS and the broader healthcare system would not be able to offer the services available today. The Bradford Institute for Health Research is a pioneering centre spearheading applied and clinical research that make an impact locally, across the nation, and around the world.

Find out more about the wide range of research that we do below.

Our research areas

Born in Bradford is an internationally-recognised research programme which aims to find out what keeps families healthy and happy.
The Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research (ASR) is a leading health and social care research centre with a reputation for addressing key questions relevant to ageing and stroke.
The vision of the NIHR Patient Safety Research Collaboration Y&H is to co-produce, implement and evaluate innovative solutions to make care safer for patients and their families.

Research publications

Events and training

In this Lunch & Learn hosted by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Y&H, you will hear from Jen Syson, Research Matron and Senior Research Leader for the NIHR, who will draw on her own experiences to explore routes into a research delivery career.
In this online training session, delivered by the Improvement Academy, participants will learn how to use a systematic, evidence-based mortality review programme that can drive improvement in the quality and safety of patient care
In this online introductory masterclass, delivered by the Improvement Academy, participants will learn more about HUSH safety huddles in the Care Homes sector.