Oncology and Haematology

The Oncology and Haematology team run both national and international studies in Colorectal, Upper GI, Lung, Gynaecology, Prostate and Breast cancer which involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

“The Oncology & Haematology Research Team strives to provide care to the patients in the most professional and compassionate manner giving access to clinical trials of novel and cutting edge treatments being developed against cancer. We aim to encourage an environment of mutual respect and open communication between staff, patients and their relatives.”

We run both national and international trials in Colorectal, Upper GI, Lung, Head & Neck, Gynaecology, Prostate and Breast Cancer which may involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. We also cover all areas of malignant Haematology; acute and chronic leukaemias, high and low grade lymphomas and myeloma. Alongside this we run epidemiology studies in non-malignant Haematology. Many of the trials are funded by groups such as the Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK, and some are funded by commercial pharmaceutical companies.

As part of our trials, we are testing novel agents, giving patients access to treatments not yet available on the NHS, with the aim to improve patient outcomes. We provide close clinical monitoring of our patients and support them through both the treatment and follow up phases of the trial.

Many of our chemotherapy trials now involve the collection of tissue samples “targeting” cancers more specifically than by disease site. Other trials involve the donation of tissue and blood samples to investigate the causes of cancer and effect of treatment on specific groups of patients.

Ongoing clinical trials will lead to new and better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent a disease which impacts so many lives.

The Team

As a team we consist of Clinical Research Nurses, a Clinical Trials Assistant, a Clinical Trials Officer and a Research Administration Assistant.

Meet the team

Consultant Urology Surgeon

Chidi Molokwu

Consultant Haematology

Sam Ackroyd

Consultant Medical Oncologist

Simon Brown

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast and Reconstructive Surgeon

Rick Linforth

Consultant Urology Surgeon

Rohit Chahal

Oncology & Haematology Senior Research Charge Nurse

Hayley Inman

Oncology Research Sister

Ashleigh Reeves

Oncology Research Charge Nurse

Imran Hamid

Clinical Trials Officer

Jacqui Quantrill

Clinical Trials Assistant

Jannika Lazarte

Funders and Partners