The Ophthalmology team are one of the most experienced clinical research teams engaged in eye and vision research in the UK.

Who We Are

We are one of the most experienced clinical research teams engaged in eye and vision research in the UK. The team has 2 research nurses, 1 research fellow, 1 clinical trial assistant, 3 research optometrists, and 3 accredited ophthalmic photographers.

BORN have facilitated over 50 clinical trials since 2008 and recruited over 500 participants to these trials.

Through our research and partnerships, the team has invested in new state of the art equipment for the ophthalmology and macular clinics such as Multimodal retinal imaging, Fluorescein and Indocyanine green angiography, Fundus Auto Fluorescence, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), OCT angiography, OPTOS wide field camera and Micro-Pulse Laser.

Mission Statement

  • Increase and improve research activity within Ophthalmology and embed it into everyday practice.
  • Promote science, education and innovation for clinical care in ophthalmology.
  • Make research common practice, that is valued and available to all.
  • Value patients and their contribution to clinical research and provide safe, quality care
  • Promote best practice when caring for patients with ophthalmological conditions

Our main priorities are acting in the best interests of our patients, providing high quality care and safety within ophthalmic research. Our success as a research team is due to our patients who have kindly volunteered to help with our research projects over the years.

Contact us

Interested In Getting Involved With Ophthalmic Research? Contact the team:

Email: Eye.Research@bthft.nhs.uk

Meet the team

Photo of Prof Faruque Ghanchi
Consultant Ophthalmologist

Prof Faruque Ghanchi

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Helen Devonport

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Anita Reynolds

Photo of Sridevi Rajesekaran
Research Fellow

Sridevi Rajasekaran

Senior Research Sister

Nicola Hawes

Research Sister

Sarah Moss

Clinical Trials Assistant

Lorraine Terry