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Governance and Ethics

Connected Bradford has successfully obtained approvals from the NHS Research Ethics Committees and Confidential Advisory Group (under section 251) along with establishing data sharing agreements and secure data environments.

Request for Data Access

If you are interested in seeing how Connected Bradford database can be used and supports the improvement to the health and wellbeing of the Bradford population, then please get in touch and complete the Data Access Application form completely. Ensure that all fields and checkboxes are properly completed.

Please note, there is a charge for supporting data access, we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss this further.

If grant or funding applications are being pursued, please ensure that Connected Bradford is informed of these applications before submission to see if we can support.

Connected Bradford Governance Board

We are committed to ensuring that our partners have complete transparency and oversight of how their data is being used by analysts and researchers. To support this, we have established the Connected Bradford governance board. The Board consists of representatives from each of the data providers as well as members of the public. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving all data requests.

Connected Bradford Governance Board Meetings 2024/25

Below is a list of the upcoming Connected Bradford Governance Board Meetings

Title of Meeting Date of Meeting Via Deadline for papers Response to applicants
Bradford Learning Health Systems Group 12th March 2024 – 2pm Teams

Meeting room 1

27th February 2024 19th March 2024
Bradford Learning Health Systems Group 11th June 2024 – 2pm Teams 28th May 2024 18th June 2024
Bradford Learning Health Systems Group 24th September 2024 – 2pm Teams 27th August 2024 17th September 2024
Bradford Learning Health Systems Group 3rd December 2024 –  2pm Teams 16th November 2024 17th December 2024


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Connected Bradford: Participating Organisation Leaflet

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