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Connected Bradford

Connected Bradford: whole-system, lifecourse data to promote good health and wellbeing

Connected Bradford is a nationally trailblazing population digital repository that unites the whole of the Bradford and Airedale health, education, social care, environmental data for 600,000 people within a secure and expansive research database. At the heart of our database is a strong ethos of community collaboration uniting our valued partners from the NHS, local authority, Department for Education, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, various other dedicated organisations and the public. They are all united within Connected Bradford as part of their commitment to unlock the potential of a data driven revolution and leverage the power of linked anonymised data to improve the health and wellbeing across the region.

What we do

The richness of linked population data provides exciting opportunities to understand local health needs, identify and predict those in most need of support and evaluate health interventions.

Unlock the potential

Created through extensive engagement with patients and the public, and building upon the foundation established by Born in Bradford, Connected Bradford holds significant promise to unlock the power of a data driven revolution. By maintaining strong ties with our partners and the public, we are able to understand their needs and leverage the power of linked anonymised data.

A unique digital resource

The support of our partners has been fantastic and we now have a unique digital resource. The goal of this resource is to drive data-driven approaches to innovation and improvement. Connected Bradford is integrated into clinical practice so that the questions we ask reflect local priorities, and the evidence that we find shapes policy and practice. What sets Connected Bradford apart is unlocking the potential of not just de-identified clinical data but other determinants of health; social, economic, environmental, housing and crime.

A national leader

Bradford has become a national leader in harnessing the potential of routine linked data. Key elements of its success include: genuine public engagement, excellent practitioner and policy integration, robust information governance with legal and ethical approvals governance, technical expertise of data linkage and data curation and leading edge analytical support.

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