Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research Group

The YQSR, funded by NIHR, hosts the NIHR YH PSRC, one of six centers in England, aiming to co-produce, implement, and evaluate innovative solutions for safer patient care.

Established in 2007, the Yorkshire Quality and Safety Research (YQSR) Group brings together leading academics from the Universities of Leeds, Bradford and York. Along with clinicians and managers from the Bradford health community and the Yorkshire and Humber region, the YQSR Group works to co-produce high quality research that addresses NHS and patient priorities.

The YQSR hosts the NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboration (NIHR YH PSRC) and is one of six centres in England funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Our vision is to co-produce, implement and evaluate innovative solutions to make care safer for patients and their families.

Current projects:
PACT – now in final write-up
NG-SURE – currently in trial stage
Re-boot – in write-up
Learn Together – in write-up stage

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