Research Management Support & Team

The Research Management & Support Team (or more often known as the ‘R&D Office’) provides comprehensive support and guidance across various aspects of research, from governance and approvals to financial management, performance monitoring, and capacity building.

If you are planning to undertake research in the Trust, please contact the Research Management & Support Office in the first instance:

The Team’s role includes:

  • Research Feasibility: assessing the practicality and viability of proposed research projects.
  • Research Governance: providing advice on the rules and regulations governing research activities.
  • Trust’s confirmation of capacity and capability: facilitating the process of obtaining approval from the Trust to conduct research studies.
  • Contractual Review and Oversight: reviewing and overseeing the contractual agreements and obligations related to research studies.
  • Financial Management of Research: managing the financial aspects of research projects.
  • Research Information Management and Reporting: managing and reporting information related to research activities including monitoring and evaluating research performance.
  • Research Infrastructure, Capacity and Capability Development: developing the research infrastructure, resources, and capabilities within the organisation
Director of Research Operations

Dr Tracy Watson

PA to Director of Operations

Louise Slow

Research Support & Governance Manager and Business Manager, NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre Bradford

Jane Dennison

Head of Research Finance, Senior Finance Manager

Anjum Rajput

Senior Research Midwife and Research Matron

Jennifer Syson

Lead Clinical Research Nurse and (Clinical) Business Manager, NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre Bradford

Karen Regan

Research Information & Support Officer

Gemma Serra-Feliu

Research Co-ordinator

Samad Lotfi

Engagement and Communications Lead

Shahima Begum

Research Facilitator

Huma Shafique

Research Administrator

Murtaza Ali

Clinical Research Facility Administrator / Receptionist

Joanne Safranauskas

Clinical Research Facility Administrator / Receptionist

Waheeda Ahmed

Wolfson CAHR Receptionist / Administrator

Sharon Singh

Research Administrative Apprentice

Cassie Jones

Research Project Records Clerk

Craig Phillips