Introducing the new NIHR National Patient Recruitment Centres -Live event 12th November

The official launch of five new NIHR National Patient Recruitment Centres (NPRCs), one of which is hosted in Bradford,  will be marked this week on 12 November with a live discussion in collaboration with PharmaPhorum.

The research facilities are a new addition to the existing NIHR research infrastructure – the first family of NIHR-funded research facilities to be 100% dedicated to delivering late-phase commercial research. They bring to life one of the Sector Deal 2 commitments contributing to the Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy – a policy paper which sets out a series of measures to strengthen the UK’s clinical research environment and improve the UK’s competitiveness in the global market.

Join the discussion with our expert panel at 2pm on Thursday, to learn how the centres will work in a collaborative way to:·  Increase the UK’s capacity to deliver late-phase commercial clinical research·  Make it easier and quicker to deliver commercial research in the NHS

·  Increase opportunities for patients to benefit from early access to innovation

·  Provide a test bed for future innovation in clinical trial delivery.Don’t delay,  register today.

Find out more about the National Patient Recruitment Centres on the NIHR website: