Lunch & Learn – Practicalities of Research with NHS Data

In this Lunch & Learn hosted by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Y&H, you will learn more about the practicalities of using NHS data for research.

In this Lunch & Learn, Stella and Rose will explore the practicalities of using NHS data for research. The NHS is potentially a great and cost-effective source of data for research projects. However the practicalities of obtaining and understanding this data are not always straightforward.

In this session they talk about working with NHS data for your research including:

  • Understanding NHS data
  • Accessing/obtaining NHS data
  • Things to be aware of
  • Potential pitfalls
  • They will give some background and pointers for understanding and accessing data, and look at some common mistakes and misconceptions.

Guest Speakers:
Stella Johnson – Research Manager
Rose Dewy – Research Management Lead
West Yorkshire Research & Development; West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board