A Research Strategy for Health and Wellbeing – Delivering research excellence together

New Trust research strategy published


Research is paramount for the advancement of healthcare and wellbeing and the development of new care and treatments; without research, the NHS and wider healthcare system would not be able to offer the services they do today. Research is one of our Trust’s key priorities and we are pleased to announce our new Trust research strategy for the next five years “A Research Strategy for Health and Wellbeing – Delivering research excellence together”.

Dr Ray Smith, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director responsible for research at Bradford Teaching Hospitals explained “Our research success to date is due to the excellent research teams and enthusiastic participants we have, the excellent infrastructure both in terms of facilities and support departments, and our excellent partnerships and collaborations and we will continue to build on these in this strategy. Research also needs to be fundamental to everything we do within the Trust and be part of core everyday business. This strategy also sits alongside and complements our Clinical Services Strategy of which research is a key component.”

Professor John Wright, Director of Research explained that “Our Trust ambition is to continue to be a leader in the delivery and translation of high quality, relevant health research and improve the health and wellbeing of our local population, nationally and beyond. To do this we need to facilitate and support collaborative research and increase the opportunities for our patients, our population and our staff to participate in research.”

The strategy focuses on three main themes – people, partnerships and place with a number of ambitions under each theme.

A full copy of the strategy is available to download here: tinyurl.com/44nhzkmk . Please also follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date about research in the Trust @CityofResearch.